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All deer urines are created equal, despite claims made by marketers. Most companies in this industry probably buy the urine from the same supplier. None have responded to the many complaints from deer hunters about deer urine freezing in cold weather and … More

Mock Scrapes – Time to Switch Scents

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about mock scrapes and gave out a home made deer attractant formulation to use for late summer/early fall. That formulation has run it's course and now is the time to start switching scents to keep any bucks that initially … More

Hunt the moon phases ?

We believe in exploiting anything we can if it gives us a clue into buck movement. Years ago I had a long conversation with outdoor writer Jeff Murray who had just written a new book titled "Moonstruck", Jeff was one of the most informative writers of … More

Begin Mock Scrapes NOW!

Now is the time to start your mock scrapes. There is no hunting tactic more deadly than mock scrapes. Consider this, mock scrapes and real scrapes are simply a form of communication between deer, but to a smart deer hunter there is no other sign in the woods … More


Over the summer Fred has shared several tips and strategies to help you maximize your whitetail success this season.  These past few brisk mornings are a sure sign that the whitetail archery season is not far off.  Are any of you seeing activity in your … More

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