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The 24th Annual Plaid Shirt Night 2018

  Fred is the featured speaker at Capac High School's  24th Annual Plaid Shirt Night held in Capac MI on November 1st. Fred will reveal long held secret big buck tactics that nobody in the hunting world has ever seen! Many of which have helped him become … More


DESIRE and SMART SCRAPE  (made from REAL doe urines) are now available made with SYNTHETICS. All deer urines ARE created equal, despite claims made by marketers. Most companies in this industry probably buy the urine from the same supplier. None have … More

Inventors an Endangered Species

Years ago when we formed A-Way Hunting Products our whole product line consisted of just a few turkey calls until we invented a new type of deer call, The BOWGRUNTER.  During these early learning years we discovered very few of the major box store chains were … More


MAXIMIZE YOUR ODDS OF BAGGING A LONGBEARD WITH THESE DECOY STRATEGIES   Turkey decoys can be a blessing and a curse. All of us who enjoy turkey hunting have watched in amazement as a decoy brings a longbeard in on a string. If you have turkey hunted … More

Mock Scrapes – Time to Switch Scents

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about mock scrapes and gave out a home made deer attractant formulation to use for late summer/early fall. That formulation has run it's course and now is the time to start switching scents to keep any bucks that initially … More

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  • November 1, 201824th Annual Plaid Shirt Night Capac MI Fred will be talking whitetail tactics
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