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Mock Scrapes – Time to Switch Scents

It is time to start switching scents to keep any bucks that initially responded to your mock scrapes interested and curious.  Each time you visit the site freshen the it with a different scent. Since it's strictly curiosity that would be drawing in the … More


DESIRE and SMART SCRAPE  (made from REAL doe urines) are now available made only with SYNTHETICS. All deer urines ARE created equal, despite claims made by marketers. Most companies in this industry probably buy the urine from the same supplier. None have … More

Inventors an Endangered Species

Years ago when we formed A-Way Hunting Products our whole product line consisted of just a few turkey calls until we invented a new type of deer call, The BOWGRUNTER.  During these early learning years we discovered very few of the major box store chains … More

NEW Deadly Tactic…Cluster Scrapes and Scent Confusion

    New Deadly Tactic... “Cluster Scrapes and Scent Confusion” By Fred Abbas Out of all of our deer hunting tactics nothing has performed so consistently as mock scrapes, they have proven to be our single most productive tactic year in … More

Crossbows, Blinds, and Grandchildren

By Fred Abbas There was a time for many years when I was infatuated with big bucks. My son Greg and I probably hunted every big buck state in the country over the past 15 years. But we never bothered to register or measure any of our out of state trophy … More

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