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DESIRE and SMART SCRAPE  (made from REAL doe urines) are now available made only with SYNTHETICS. All deer urines ARE created equal, despite claims made by marketers. Most companies in this industry probably buy the urine from the same supplier. None have … More

Begin Mock Scrapes NOW!

Now is the time to start your mock scrapes. There is no hunting tactic more deadly than mock scrapes. Consider this, mock scrapes and real scrapes are simply a form of communication between deer, but to a smart deer hunter there is no other sign in the woods … More

“Master the Deadly Art of Mock Scrapes”

"Master The Deadly Art Of Mock Scrapes"   Many of you readers are aware that my son Greg and I are inventors. We invent hunting products and we invent hunting tactics. We own A-Way Hunting Products and A-Way Outdoors Invention Consulting. The vast … More


  Hunters today are much more educated in their sport than at any time in the previous 150 years, and so is the technology that most embrace. They also are educated in deer behavior, so does that put deer at a total disadvantage? No, not at all simply … More

NEW Deadly Tactic…Cluster Scrapes and Scent Confusion

    New Deadly Tactic... “Cluster Scrapes and Scent Confusion” By Fred Abbas Out of all of our deer hunting tactics nothing has performed so consistently as mock scrapes, they have proven to be our single most productive tactic year in … More

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