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Creating Bedding Areas

Bucks are solitary animals always in search of safe solitude, especially when it comes to their bedding areas. Summer is the perfect time to introduce a new "long term" bedding area to be created on your own land. We all use a hinge cut to lower trees to the … More

Inventors an Endangered Species

Years ago when we formed A-Way Hunting Products our whole product line consisted of just a few turkey calls until we invented a new type of deer call, The BOWGRUNTER.  During these early learning years we discovered very few of the major box store chains … More

Quick Inventing Tips

A lot of inventors do not act on their inventions because they think that patent services are cost prohibitive. They lack knowledge in this area and are not aware of the different types of patent protection that are out there. There are some shorter term … More


DESIRE and SMART SCRAPE  (made from REAL doe urines) are now available made only with SYNTHETICS. All deer urines ARE created equal, despite claims made by marketers. Most companies in this industry probably buy the urine from the same supplier. None have … More


    By Tracy Breen   If you are a hunter or angler, at some point in your life you have probably had an idea for a hunting or fishing-related product that you thought would sell well.  Often your idea of a lifetime never becomes more … More

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